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Merchant Bank

Our merchant bank (also called "boutique investment bank") business unit excels in two areas:

helping companies raise capital. ACG works with companies in various industries and stages to raise needed capital, equity or debt, for their business growth; and
providing analytical, quantitative and operational support to financial institutions and investors on complex equity and debt investment transactions. We can represent either the buyer or seller side.

We maintain close contact with the global investment community and we screen both domestic and international projects with emphasis on markets in the U.S. and China. Without exception, we perform a highly detailed and extensive due diligence on the company, the team, the product(s), the market and the industry before we agree to assist with raising capital. A thorough, holistic assessment of an investee company increases the chances of raising capital at favorable terms once the organizationís structure, strengths and weaknesses are fully understood. Additionally, maintaining high standards on leads selection strengthens our credibility with investors, elevating our ability to identify and match appropriate funding sources.

Transactions involving financial assets become increasingly complex over time. Buyers and Sellers do not always have the full spectrum of expertise necessary for a level playing field. Our team members have extensive knowledge in many asset classes such as credit card, installment loans, auto loans, student loans, etc. With our exceptionally strong competencies in quantitative analysis, risk modeling and assessment, asset pricing and portfolio valuation, we help our clients achieve an optimal deal structure and with advantageous pricing for their transactions.

For opportunities consistent with our own fundís investment philosophy and guidelines, ACG may also consider co-investing when invited by transactional parties. Whether performing in a lead or supporting role, we exceed our clientsí expectation for our services in initial public offerings (IPOs), mergers & acquisition, leveraged buy-outs, portfolio sales/purchases, etc.




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